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Fieldwork Videos

Collecting above Andu Falls, Region 8, Guyana

Video taken by David I. Brooks using a DJI Phantom III drone, January 2016. Best viewed in HD.

Beating heart of an adult female undescribed Typhlobelus sp. (Trichomycteridae)

This adult female Typhlobelus sp. (Trichomycteridae: Glanapteryginae) in ventral view (note mature eggs) was collected in April 2010. It is a still undescribed species from the rio Asita, a right-bank tributary of the middle Ventuari River in southern Venezuela. Typhlobellus are highly reduced catfishes that live within the sand of rivers flowing off of the Guiana and Brazilian shields. They have lost their eyes and their paired fins. This specimen was approximately 2 cm total length. Best viewed in HD.

Kuribrong River: above to below water

A combination of footage from 2011 starting with the view from a helicopter flying over the Kuribrong River upstream of Amaila Falls, in Region 8, Guyana, then transitioning to underwater video of riverweed (Podostemaceae) that is common throughout the upper Kuribrong River and serves as habitat for the endemic species Characidium amaila (Crenuchidae).

For more videos, check out my YouTube channel here.

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